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Affordable Antler Jewelry

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

When I started the business in 2014, it was my main focus to create pieces of jewelry that were affordable for women (and men) that love the outdoors as much as I do. That remains my mission today. I often get the impression that people sometimes look at my pricing and wonder how I price my items so much lower than competitors. I'm going to break down why I am able to keep my prices so low and I hope that if you were hesitating because of concerns of quality, that you give my jewelry a try.

  1. I am an extremely small business. In fact, I only have one employee and that is my husband. We work as a team-I design and make the items, create my own content for and run my own social media, and update my own website while he fulfills orders and is in charge of customer relations. Because we keep operations simple and have no other employees, we do not have the expense of paying multiple salaries or paying for someone else to run social media.

  2. We have no brick and mortar location and only sell online through our own website. This means we have no lease payment for a building, no building insurance, no electric bill for the building etc. to have as an expense.

  3. We rely incredibly on word of mouth for advertisement. I try my absolute hardest to design and create pieces of jewelry that are unique, beautiful and stand out in a crowd in hopes that when someone says they love your jewelry and ask where you bought it, that you will give them my website or drop my name. I also strive to have the best possible customer service and always try my hardest to repair my items so that you will recommend me. Some companies pay thousands and thousands in advertising every month, while I mostly rely on my customers to spread the word and have many repeat customers.

  4. I have been making antler jewelry every single day since 2014, and with that experience comes speed. I am able to make my jewelry at a good pace because of the immense amount of time that I have dedicated to my craft, and because of this ability to produce more in less time, I feel that it is fair to price my items lower.

  5. I believe that when God gives you a talent, you need to share that talent to spread joy. I have given my jewelry as gifts and have seen how it can spread happiness. It means a lot to me to know that something that I made is giving another person joy and I try to make items that will fit everyone's budget.

I hope that you will give my jewelry a try. I am confident that you will be happy with the unique beauty of antler jewelry, and that it will give you joy every time you look at it.

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