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Warranty information

I proudly stand behind my products and work, and I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase.  My customers mean the world to me, and making them happy is my top priority next to offering affordable and quality antler jewelry.  Please read about my warranty below.

need to contact me about a repair?  Contact me here

Warranty for fully hand carved antler jewelry

I am happy to do complimentary repairs on all of my fully carved antler jewelry for up to one year after purchase-I just ask that you cover the shipping cost.  

Need a repair?  Please use the contact feature on my site to shoot us a message and send photos of the item that you are needing repaired.  Please keep in mind that although I try my hardest to repair everything, some damage is unfortunately not repairable.  I will determine if an item is repairable once photos are sent.  In some rare cases, I may need the item in hand before I can determine if it can be repaired.  I do not cover theft or loss.

Warranty for everyday wearable antler rings

If you have a stone or setting come loose or an inlay is damaged on your antler ring in the first 4 months of owning it, I will repair or replace your ring one time with a new one as long as the actual metal element is not bent or broken.

After 4 months and up to one year, if you have a stone or setting come loose or an inlay is damaged, I will repair or replace your ring with a $40 fee as long as the metal element is not bent or it is clear that the ring did not get damaged due to negligence. 

I do not cover theft or loss.  My sterling silver designs are rhodium plated to protect against tarnishing, but sterling silver is a metal that will tarnish with wear and needs to be cleaned.  This is considered normal wear and tear.  Sterling silver is a metal that reacts poorly to chemicals such as alcohol free hand sanitizer, some lotions and chlorine.  If you do not remove your sterling silver jewelry prior to using harsh chemicals you may cause permanent damage to the metal.  I do not cover damage that can occur due to your jewelry being exposed to harsh chemicals.

For rings that were less than $30- If you lose a stone or an inlay is damaged in the first 45 days of owning your ring, I will replace it.  After 45 days and up to one year, I will replace your ring for a $15 fee.

Items marked as discontinued and are discounted at the time of purchase are final sale and have a limited 45 day warranty.  If a stone or setting comes loose or an inlay is damaged during that 45 days, that is considered a defect and I will replace the ring.  Please understand that I may have to substitute a similar design if I am out of stock of the original ring that was purchased.

If you attempt to repair your antler jewelry yourself or have another jeweler work on your jewelry, all warranty is void.  I hand make all of my items with products that I know are safe for my lungs and will not work on items if a foreign adhesive or chemical is on the jewelry for my own safety.

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