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Frequently asked questions


Items that are in the "New Releases/Ready to ship" section are of limited availability-once they are sold they are no longer available


Q- Can you do custom orders?

A- I apologize for the inconvenience, but I no longer accept custom orders


Q- Do you accept returns?

A- For hygenic purposes, all earring sales are final

      Rings that are ordered from the "made to order" section are final sales-no returns

      I can accept returns for ready to ship rings, necklaces and bracelets as long as tags are not removed and items are returned in the condition in which they were sent.  Please know that I cannot do exchanges for larger or smaller sizes on these items because they are of limited quantity.  Refunds will not be administered until item is received. 


Q- Do sizes run accurate?

A- Yes.  I use standard U.S. sizing on all rings and use whole and half sizes 4-12.  If you do not know your ring size, please go to a jeweler before ordering and they will size you free of charge.


Q- Can you put real diamonds in the rings?

A- I do not offer that service and do not suggest using authentic diamonds in the rings as they are made of antler and will not last a lifetime with everyday wear.


Q- How long do the rings last? Are they durable?

A- All of my rings are sealed and are thus protected from wear, but they are not indestructable by any means.  The responsibility really lies in the wearer-using sound judgement of when to wear rings and protecting them from moisture is crucial for keeping your rings looking pristine and protecting them from damage.  With everyday or very frequent wear, the rings will show that they are well-loved and dings and scratches are expected.  They are bone, not metal, and should not be expected to match the durability of metal rings.  The engagement style rings are pretty durable, but are really meant to be more of a special occasion wear item to replace your metal set once in awhile and are not meant to be used as actual engagement rings as they will not last a lifetime with everyday wear.  


Q-Do you do repairs?

A- I am happy to do repairs.  Depending on the situation, that may include a fee or simply just the cost of shipping.


Q- How long does it take for me to get an order?

A- Orders placed from the "New Releases/Ready to ship" section ship the following business day.  Orders placed from the "made to order" section ship in 2-3 weeks.  When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information


Q-  Is the jewelry made from the antlers of deer you have killed?

A- ALL OF MY JEWELRY is made from NATURALLY SHED deer antlers.  Deer shed their antlers every year-you do not need to take an animals life to obtain their antlers.


Q- Do you make men's rings?

A-I do on occassion in the new releases section-I specialize in women's jewelry so I do not make them weekly


Q- How well do the rings hold up?

A- I get this question frequently, and it's very difficult for me to answer because it truly depends on the wearer.  Some people's skin is more oily than others, and the oil in your skin may break down the antler and/or cause the sealant to peel.  I reseal rings free of charge.  I include suggested care instructions with each ring, but please know that these are antler, not metal, and they should not be expected to match the durability of a metal ring.  I seal all of the rings to protect them from the elements, but they are still antler.  There is absolutely nothing that I can do to make them as durable as a metal ring.  Please also know that antler is an organic material, and because of that it is unpredictable.  I carve them to be as durable as possible, but over time and with frequent wear, please know that they will show wear.   I do not suggest wearing the rings on a daily basis if you'd like to keep them in like new condition.  I suggest them for special occasion wear (church, dinner, outings, weddings, events, etc).  I do not suggest using the engagement style rings as your actual wedding rings, as they are antler and will not last a lifetime if you are wearing them daily.  If you choose to use them as your all day, everyday wedding ring set, please know that you will more than likely have to replace them as they deteriorate.  Rings that hold up to more frequent wear are the band style rings without any stones.  


Please note:  I hand make all of my items-please know that the item that you receive will have slight differences from the one shown.  I free-hand draw all designs and use no stencils.  Antler color varies.




All jewelry comes with care instructions-it is your responsibility to read these instructions and follow them to protect your jewelry.  Please know I cannot repair everything that could go wrong with your jewelry


I am not in any way responsible for items that are stolen from your mailbox or lost in the mail-please file a claim with the USPS if this occurs and with the police if you believe your item was stolen as this is a federal offense


I cannot be held responsible if the incorrect address is entered at checkout

Do you have questions before you
purchase your antler jewelry?

If you don't see the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through the Contact section of my site

  • Do you accept custom orders?
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but I no longer take on custom orders. I am happy to make small adjustments to any existing design in my Special order/handmade to order section of my site like adding a name or date for free. Everyday wearable rings are all ready to ship and changes cannot be made to them, but I am constantly adding new designs to choose from!
  • Can I send you antlers to use in my ring?
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but due to complications in the past, I no longer use a customers antlers for my work. There is always a risk when cutting open an antler that it may not be useable, and I have decided that this risk is something that I need to take upon myself and not a customer. I hope you understand
  • Do you ship outside of the USA?
    We do not ship items containing antler internationally We ship worldwide! Items containing antler ship within the USA only
  • Do you offer returns? Can I exchange my ring if it doesn't fit?
    Please visit the returns/exchanges section of my site by clicking here I can exchange items from my everyday wearable section for a different size one time as long as the tag is attached to the jewelry and it is in like new/unworn condition and it is not marked as a final sale item. The exchange must be arranged within 30 days of receiving your item. Additional exchanges that need to be made if the exchanged item does not fit will be charged a $10 fee. FULLY CARVED ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE-NO RETURNS NO EXCHANGES. I hand carve these to order to your size specifications. Titanium lined rings cannot be resized, but regular fully carved rings can be resized by going up or down a half size. Please keep in mind that these designs are works of art and are not conventional jewelry-they are fully carved from bone and therefore require special care and will not feel like any metal jewelry you have owned. More intricately carved designs tend to be thicker so that they do not snap with wear.
  • Can you set stones that I send in for my ring?
    For liability purposes, I do not feel comfortable setting stones that I do not personally provide for my rings. Please note that sterling silver is too soft of a metal to support a genuine diamond. I do have a platinum design that can support a genuine diamond- Platinum Ana
  • Do you have half sizes?
    My rings are available in whole sizes only. If you fall between sizes, I suggest sizing up to the next whole size. If it does not fit to your liking, I offer exchanges.
  • Do you offer engraving?
    At this time I do not offer that service
  • How durable are antler rings?
    My everyday wearable rings are waterproof and safe for every day enjoyment. I suggest removing them if you are going to do anything strenuous with your hands because although they are mostly constructed by strong titanium or sterling silver, the inlay could still crack if exposed to a lot of pressure. It takes quite a large amount of force to destroy the titanium element. I make all of my fully carved items from start to finish by hand. These are pieces of art work and are made from bone-art isn’t always practical. Please know that in order to have a functional piece of jewelry made from bone that can stand up to wear, I have to carve them thicker than an average piece of metal jewelry. These also require special care and come with care instructions. These are not an everyday wear piece of jewelry-they are artwork that is intended to be worn on special occasion. Please do not expect these to be as comfortable or practical as my everyday wearable full inlay rings.
  • Can you add ashes to a ring?
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but that is not a service that I offer
  • Is there a warranty on your antler jewelry?
    Yes! I do complimentary repairs for up to one year on fully carved and titanium lined fully carved antler rings. Please keep in mind that I try my hardest to repair everything, but some damage is not repairable. My everyday wearables antler jewelry warranty- If you have a stone or setting come loose or an inlay falls out in the first 4 months of you owning the ring, I will repair or replace the ring for free one time as long as the titanium or sterling silver element is not bent or there is no evidence of negligence. After 4 months, I will repair or replace your ring with a $20 fee as long as the titanium or sterling silver element is not bent or there is no sign that the ring was damaged due to negligence. I do not cover theft or loss. If you choose to have your jewelry altered by adding a stone or bringing it to a jeweler, all warranty is void. I am not responsible for any stone that is set into a ring that is not supplied by me.
  • Where do you get your antlers for your jewelry?
    All of my jewelry is made from naturally shed antlers. Every year, deer lose their antlers and regrow them. To read more about this amazing process, please check out this article I no longer use a customers antlers for my work
  • What if I don't know my ring size?
    The best way to measure your ring size is by stopping by any jewelry counter and having a professional size you for free. Want to size yourself at home? Please refer to this chart Please understand that I sit down and personally carve items from my fully carved section to the specifications that you choose on your order and because of that, these items are final sale with no returns. Once carved, I can size a fully carved ring up or down one half of a size. I will exchange everyday wearables for a different size as long as you cover shipping cost. All exchanges must be arranged within 10 days of receipt of the item and must be in like new condition when I receive them
  • Shipping Policy
    Items from my fully carved section are hand made to order and take 30 days to ship. Items from my every day wearable section ship in 2-3 business days. I cannot be held responsible if the incorrect address is provided at checkout. I ship all items to the addresses provided at checkout and use Paypal to create the shipping labels. If the item gets returned to me due to incorrect address, the customer will have to pay shipping cost again before I reship. If the item becomes lost due to incorrect address provided, I cannot be held responsible. I am not responsible for items that are stolen from mailboxes-you must file a claim with USPS and a police report
  • will the everyday wearable rings tarnish?
    Titanium rings do not tarnish or turn your fingers green. Titanium is very durable and lightweight, but it does scratch. Over time the shine may dull on the metal elements of the rings. A way to slow this process would be to remove your rings when showering, swimming, or working with your hands Sterling silver is known to tarnish with wear, but is easily cleaned with a sterling silver jewelry cleaner. Sterling silver is heavier than titanium, but is a softer metal so I can buff scratches out.
  • Do you sell men's rings?
    Yes! Here is a direct link to the Men's Section of my site
  • Can I send in materials to incorporate into my ring?
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but I do not take on custom orders. For liability purposes, I do not feel comfortable setting stones that I do not personally provide.
  • Can I order a size that isn't available on your site?
    I do not offer custom sizing. My everyday wearable rings are available in whole sizes only-they cannot be resized due to the inlay. Because they are comfort fit, I suggest sizing down (if you wear a 6.5 order a size 6) and I offer exchanges if it does not fit to your liking. I restock as frequently as possible-if there is a specific size you are needing and it is out of stock, you can click "notify me" to be emailed when I restock that size.
  • Can the rings be resized?
    Due to the inlay, the rings cannot be resized. I do exchanges on unworn items if a ring does not fit
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