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Antler Engagement Rings - Discover Your Perfect Symbol of Love at The Antlered Doe

At The Antlered Doe, we specialize in antler jewelry crafted with love and attention to detail. Our antler engagement rings are made with genuine antlers and feature the perfect balance of nature and modern design. All of our pieces are available in bright and beautiful .925 sterling silver and are perfect for special occasions like proposals and weddings. Showcase your passion for her and for the outdoors with this beautiful symbol of love. Upgrade her stone to top grade, certified grade D Moissanite for extra sparkle with almost the same hardness as a diamond but more fire.
I do not take on custom orders, but I frequently add new designs

women's antler wedding band with abalone shell and a silver feather

shop women's antler bands

a women's antler wedding set and mens antler wedding band

Don't forget about him!

Shop affordable antler rings for men

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