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Step by step carving of a rose

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Ever since I started carving, I have really loved carving flowers. It's always my goal to make the petals appear as realistic as possible. It took about 4 years of practice before I was able to carve my first flower pendant, and I haven't stopped experimenting with them since. I have always been an avid drawer, but thinking and creating in 3D is definitely a different beast- you always have to be a few steps ahead of yourself to make it all come together in the end. I am not quite to mastering a rose, but I will continue practicing. Every time I carve one I learn something new to make it more realistic.

Although this wasn't my first rose, this video shows the process of carving one. During this carving, I learned to slightly curl the edges of some petals to create a more realistic and fragile look. I hope you enjoy it.

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