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Are antler rings durable?

Are antler rings durable? In short, yes, they are surprisingly very durable. My every day wearable antler rings are waterproof and worry-free. You do not have to worry about removing them to wash your hands or even use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Like their name suggests, you can wear them every single day comfortably and they can withstand frequent wear. They make amazing and unique engagement or wedding rings that are out of the ordinary and showcase your love for the outdoors. However, when it comes to my fully carved antler rings, I always approach the answer pretty cautiously. Yes, I do feel like they are very durable, but at the same time, they do require special care.

I carve my fully-carved antler rings by hand from naturally shed deer antlers. Antler is essentially bone, and bone is very porous. Because of this porosity, antler tends to absorb any moisture or skin oil that it comes into contact with. Over time, this moisture can cause the sealant to bubble and peel on a ring. If an excessive amount of skins oil penetrates the antler, I can no longer use sealant on them because my water-based sealant will repel away from the oil in the antler. Because of this, I always suggest that the fully carved rings be worn on occasion as opposed to daily. I also suggest removing fully carved rings before washing your hands, sleeping, or before doing any types of activities in which the bone could get damaged. I carve the rings to be extremely durable, but they are still bone and bone has limitations. So, how long does a fully carved ring last? For the most part, that is truly up to the wearer and how much they are willing to baby the ring. I frequently receive rings that are 4-5 years old for touch ups and sometimes even older. The longevity of your fully carved ring truly depends on how well you care for your ring. The fully carved rings are pieces of wearable art, are very unique, but do not make the best engagement or wedding rings because of the special care that is required and because they truly should not be worn daily.

I hope that I answered any questions or curiosities that you may have about my antler rings!

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Apr 13, 2023

Can you make a custom order?

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