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Are antler rings comfortable?

I am sometimes asked if fully carved antler rings are comfortable to wear, and I have to say that they do differ quite a bit from traditional metal rings. Fully hand carved antler rings are definitely not your average piece of jewelry-not only because of their uniqueness but also because of their wearability.

Fully carved antler rings are little pieces of wearable art, and art is not always practical. You will definitely stand out in a crowd when wearing them because they are so unusual and most people have never seen anything like them, but, like most fashionable things, they aren't going to be the most practical rings you have ever worn. There are some characteristics about them that some people may or may not be bothered by.

Characteristics that may or may not bother you about fully hand carved antler rings:

1. Since they are made from antler, a non-traditional material of organic nature and vulnerability, I did have to experiment and develop my carving techniques over the years to make them as durable as possible so that they stand the test of time. Because they are made of bone, they are thicker than a traditional metal ring by necessity, and this thickness may or may not bother you.

2. The settings sit higher than a traditional metal ring on some designs, and some people find that intimidating and bothersome. Because they are carved from bone and are basically tiny sculptures, I cannot set them lower if I want to keep their elegant shape.

3. The fully carved antler rings cannot get wet, so that is impractical and bothersome to some people.

4. They should not be worn daily. I say should not because I have many, many customers that have worn their antler rings daily and do not mind that they have aged over time, but if you want your rings to stay looking as new as possible, they definitely should not be worn on a daily basis. Moisture is bones #1 enemy, and the rings really need time to dry in between wears.

5. If you choose to wear them daily as an engagement ring or wedding set, they will not last forever. I do repairs and touch ups, but please know that these are made of bone and because of that, they have limitations. I cannot repair everything. This means that you will have to have your rings remade and replaced at some point so you will not be wearing the exact ring throughout your marriage. I cannot determine how frequently any replacements would have to be done, because it truly depends on the wearer and how the rings are cared for. Even with the best care, please know that the oil from your hands will eventually saturate the antler and it will cause the sealant to peel and prevent new sealant from sticking. That is me being 100% transparent. I highly suggest everyday wearable rings for engagement and wedding sets, but I understand when people want something a little more out of the ordinary.

I hope this answers any concerns or curiosities that you may have about fully carved antler jewelry! If you are looking for something more carefree and comfortable, please check out my everyday wearables section of my site.

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