Hand carved antler ring adorned with hand burned designs inspired by Navajo tribal art.  The original is owned by Nicole Reeve from Driven TV.   THESE ARE HAND MADE TO ORDER-PLEASE ALLOW UP TO THIRTY DAYS FOR SHIPMENT

These hand carved rings are made of antler, which means differences will occur from the photo making each ring a one of a kind special creation made just for you. Because of their organic vulnerable quality, should not be expected to match the durability of man-made material such as metal or plastic. Antler is an organic material and its durability is not predictable nor is it in the hands of the crafter. Because of this vulnerability, it is the buyer's responsibility to exercise sound judgement when deciding when to wear their ring. The Antlered Doe expertly crafts each of these rings by hand to be as durable as possible and takes no responsibility for damage incurred following delivery of the item. Repairs are happily done in most cases for the cost of shipping or for a small fee. By purchasing one of these rings, you agree to these terms.

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